Night Elie Wiesel Quotes

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“Fire! I see a fire! I see a fire” (Wiesel 24)! Mrs. Schächter yelled to the other people on the train, warning them about what was going to happen. In the book Night Elie describes the life that he had during the Holocaust. This book is about how a twelve year old boy puts his old life behind and illustrates the many hardships that Hitler caused the Jewish people. The Holocaust was a systematic extermination of nearly six-million Jews. Holocaust means ‘Sacrifice by Fire’. Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat to achieve approval and success. Elie Wiesel was a twelve year old Jewish boy from Sighet. The Hungarian police came to his town, put up a fence, and kept them inside the ghetto. Life inside the ghetto consisted of their everyday life. They just continued it between fence walls. A few weeks after the ghetto life started, the Jews of Sighet were transported to a smaller ghetto. A few days passed when the Hungarian police shuttled them into cattle cars- about eighty to a car. “Lying down was not an option, nor could we sit down” (Wiesel 23). The train ride was long and crowded. “Fire! I see a fire! I see a fire” (Wiesel 24)! During the train ride a women cried out to warn the others what she is seeing. The people on the train panicked and had men quiet her down. They reached the most notorious camp that killed ninety-six hundred thousand Jews. The train arrived to Auschwitz. In the middle of the night. ¨Men to the left! Women to the right” (Wiesel 29)! The SS officers shouted as they forced the Jews off the train. At this time Elie lost his mother and his three sisters. Little did they know that they were going into the gas chamber to die. The women and old people were not useful in the camps. The concentration camp was about 25 square miles. An inmate spotted Elie and told him that his age was eighteen not fifteen. He also told his dad that he was not fifty but that he was forty. The SS shouted for them to move. They ended up in the barracks. The inmates that awaited them in there ordered the new Jews to ¨Strip! Hurry up! Raus! Hold on only to your belt and your shoes¨ (35). They then were ordered to run to the barber. There they got all of their hair buzzed off. They then were soaked in disinfectant
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