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The Wiesel family arrives in Birkenau on May 1, 1944. Elie and his father are then transported to Auschwitz on July 1, 1944. 2. At Birkenau, Eliezel and his father are separted from his mother and sister. The first of many selections begin. Eliezel lies about his age and occupation, saying he is eighteen and a farmer not a student. Dr. Mengele is the one who decides who lives and who dies. stands, determining whether new arrivals are fit to work or whether they are to be killed immediately. Eliezel is motioned to Mengele’s left, along with his father and they both live, for now. 3. Elie and his father arrive in Buna and take showers and go through a medical check up, including a dental search for gold crowns. Elie and his father are…show more content…
There is an Allied air raid on Buna. All prisoners are confined to their block but there are two cauldrons of soup are left without a guard watching it. Eliezer watches as a man crawls on the ground to get to the soup. The Nazis hang a man who had attempted to steal something during the air raid and then there was the hanging of a young boy. The boy does not die immediately and Eliezer watches as the child struggles and dies later. At this point Eliezer thinks that God has been murdered on the gallows together with the child. 6. At the end of the summer of 1944, the Jews of Buna together to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, praying together and praising God’s name. Elie cannot find a reason to bless God with the horrors he has seen. Eliezer believes the Jews have only been chosen to be massacred. Eliezer’s father begs his son not to fast on a Jewish holiday. They are starving and the father believes they need to eat. Elie eats the food, however, he does so in defiance as he shows his anger against God. 6. As the prisoners from Buna are evacuated, they are forced to run 42 miles all night in a blizzard to a deserted town. Rabbi Eliahou is looking for his son. Eliezer lies and and tells Rabbi Eliahou he has not seen the son. However, during the run, Eliezer saw the son leave his father because he thinks his father will die on the run. Eliezer prays that he will never do what Rabbi Eliahou’s son

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