Night Essay (Elie Wiesal)

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23 March 2013 In the book “Night” Elie undergoes many spiritual journeys that explains his views on life. The most noticeable spiritual journey is Elies travel from Buna to Buchenwald by his experiences at the last night in Buna, the forever march, and the final train ride. Elie describes the last night at Buna as the last night at home. It helps show Elie’s spiritual connections to Buna and to what he has so far experienced in the camp. Many spiritual connections with others have been made while staying in the camp of Buna. For such deep connections it has effected Elie to consider such a horrid place “home.” Many describe it has his spiritual thoughts reevaluating his normal routine into Buna making it a home like mood. As the…show more content…
In the book it describes that the SS were given orders to shoot anyone on sight if seem deem too weak to move on. This horrific order gave Elie another reason to keep running. Elie then notices a friend of his beginning to have a cramp into the right of his stomach. Elies spiritual mind wants to stop and help his friend but can’t in order to survive. Unfortunately the friend would fall and never be seen by Elie ever again. As the prisoners and SS gained 44 miles from Buna they are given the option to finally rest in an abandoned town. Here we begin to see both Elie’s and his father’s spiritual mood toward each other and the current situation. Both seem to lookout for one another and make sure neither are to sleep knowing that they would never be reawaken. As a train is to be seen the SS order all the prisoners onto the train letting faster travel to Buchenwald. Elie describes it has being over packed with bodies overlapping each other. Moved into the train like cattle. This significant process of train travel in over packed carts would be the fundamental use for the Nazis during the holocaust. As the train keeps moving the weak people begin to die out. This process of death would be ultimately dealt with by dumping the bodies out at each stop of the way. Elie describes the horrific process of finding out whose dead and dumping their bodies out of the train carts like cattle. This gave Elie’s spiritual thoughts of the sad realization of the journey he has

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