Night Father Son Relationship Analysis

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Relationships with family members often help one persevere through the hard times and experiences of life. In Elie Wiesel’s memoir Night, Elie is faced with many challenges to overcome along the side of his father as they experience the atrocities of the Holocaust. The father/son relationships between Elie and others he encountered often determined their survival through this traumatic event. Strong father/son relationships lead to the survival through harsh events during the extermination of the Jews. In chapter 6, Elie’s father saves his life due to the fact of him not letting Elie go to sleep. “To sleep means death,” he said. Both Elie and his father stay awake and watch the snow fall on the corpses of people who did what Elie tried to do. If Elie’s father let Elie go to sleep, He could’ve ended up like the dead people lying all around him and…show more content…
In chapter 4, Idek the Kapo goes crazy and beats up Eliezer’s dad. Instead of being mad at Idek for almost killing his dad, Elie is mad at his father for not avoiding the Kapo. Elie being insensitive towards his father could have cost him his life. Elie should have helped his dad out instead of watching him get pulverized by Idek. Additionally, In chapter 6, Rabbi Eliahou asks Eliezer if he has seen his son. He says no. After Rabbi Eliahou leaves, Elie recalls seeing his son running beside him leaving his old, weaken father behind to die. Because of Rabbi Eliahou’s selfish son, he was left by himself, all alone, in this gruesome world called “home.” As one can see, weak relationships with your father during the Holocaust could have taken one’s life. Father/son relationships between the people in Night could determine if one live or if one died. During the hard times one will experience in life, often family members can help push one through them. Has your father ever help you through something you thought you would never
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