Night-Father/Son Relationship

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Chloe Kennison Honors English 10 Mr. MacNamee April 3, 2013 1 Relationship: From Night to Day (Rough Draft) In the short but gripping memoir named “Night,” author Elie (Eliezer) Wiesel deeply reflects on his experiences in various concentration camps with his father during the Holocaust. Before the Jews were shipped off to incessant fear and starvation, Elie’s father didn’t have a significant relationship with his family, particularly Elie. After they were shipped away and got separated from the females in their family, however, Elie and his father became close and by the end of the book, they were each others’ strength. “Night” shows a distinct change of relationship between Elie and his father: it…show more content…
On the cattle car of the train, a man (gravedigger) came and tried to throw Eliezer’s father off of the train because he was in a deep sleep and they were clearing the corpses. Another time on the train, a man came and tried to strangle Eliezer, but his father, through all his weakness, kept the man at bay and called for help. Once they were off the train and into the snow, Elie and his father were often holding each other for warmth and keeping the other awake so as to not fall into a never-ending sleep. From the get-go, their relationship wasn’t so strong. But as time went on, it grew and was gone in an
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