Night Journey Analysis

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Martha Graham’s production of Night Journey is a unique and symbolic contemporary dance work. Graham bases many of her dance pieces on Greek myths and this is seen in her work Night Journey. Graham has manipulated elements of contemporary dance to communicate the emotion of the main character, Jocasta. Graham’s previous work focuses on depicting both the power and struggle of female idols in history. Graham has choreographed Night Journey to explore the perspective of Queen Jocasta, the main protagonist in the piece rather than the story of Oedipus. (Mueller, 2007) Graham has skilfully choreographed significant symbols and motifs to convey Jocasta’s emotions of grief, pain confusion and love through the manipulation of motifs and…show more content…
The chorus and Jocasta dance with olive branches throughout the dance but particularly at the end of the piece. Jocasta uses the branches in such a way where she unsurely moves them back and forth between crossed and open shapes. This movement of the branches is a symbol choreographed by Graham to expressing Jocasta’s emotion of confusion as she is undecided if she wants to be in a relationship with Oedipus. Jocasta uses the olive leaves in relation with the motif of
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