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I can remember as a child going on vacation with my whole family. All my cousins in one house, it was a great time until night time. We all would camp out in the living, our parents would tuck us in and then it was off to bed. Sleeping peacefully until one of my cousins woke us all up screaming while she was sleeping. Night after night we had to deal with this. The following year I as well as all of my cousins anticipated the same thing. Peacefully sleeping only to be awaken in the middle of the night by shears of horror. But to all of our surprise my cousin sleep peacefully all the way through the night every night. It was a flash from the past learning about night terrors. As we lectured over the topic, I immediately put the pieces together. What my cousin was suffering though as a child was night terrors. My cousin fit the definition for getting night terrors to the T. She also fit getting rid of night terrors to the T.
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Sleep is crucial for a child developing. At the the time we were all in kindergarden, meaning we needed roughly 10-11 hours of sleep a night (Rathus, 2011). Sleep acts as a battery reviser. As the day goes on we lose energy, sleep replenishes that energy. That energy aids in development. Without sleep children do not get that energy, and as a result don’t have the energy to grow and develop. Sleep terrors can potentially be a roadblock to sleep.
Sleep terrors or night terrors are defined as frightening dreamlike

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