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| Night: By Eli Wiesel Essay Word Count:665 By: Carlos Guerrero Prof. Ted Johnston English 1301 TR 11:30 08 November 2014 We can know the end of the story just by knowing that Ellie Wiesel wrote the book. We know it because this book is about survival. Physically we know Ellie Wiesel survived the holocaust, but does any psychological or spiritual part of him died during the holocaust? Elie Wiesel wrote about all the horrible torture, brutality, degradation, lost, and inhumanities he suffered by the Nazis just because he’s Jewish. Considering Elie was just a teenager, all he had to go through could turn his faith, religion, humanity, or beliefs. Before the Nazis took Elie and his family we could notice that Elie was a…show more content…
Even though Elie did everything he could to keep alive his father, after the horrible run on the winter storm, he died and obviously affected Elie emotionally. Elie Wiesel’s spiritually journey started as he learned the Cabbala; he tries to survive as the horrors of the holocaust caused him to question everything he has learned about his faith and god. Moshe speaks the words that some up Elie struggles for faith. Moshe said “I pray to the god within me that he will give me the strength to ask him the right questions.” If we pay attention to the questions Elie asks through the story we can notice that his perspective of faith, God and humanity became deeper. It didn’t died, but they changed in a way Elie could understand why everything possible could happened. By the conclusion of the book everyone Elie loves and everyone he met along the way are either death or disappeared. Elie finds himself completely alone and transformed from the trusty teenager he was at the beginning of the story. His body is a skeleton he doesn’t even recognize, but his faith was shuttered as well? Elie didn’t know in what to believe or if it is anything he could believe in. When the camp comes together to celebrate Russian shauna rather from drawing strange from this celebration Elie raging asks “What does your grandeur mean Master of the universe, in the face of all these cowardice, this decay, and this misery?” Don’t be fooled, this scene doesn’t mark a loss in Elie’s faith.

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