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Night      The book Night, by Elie Wiesel, is an autobiography about his experiences during the Holocaust. The story takes place in the 1940’s. The main characters are Elie and his father. Other characters are Elie’s mother and sister.      In the beginning of the book, trouble is starting around the town in which Elie lived. Eventually German soldiers come into his town. At first, they did not seem so bad. The Kahn’s, a family who lived across the street from Elie, were housing a German soldier. The Kahn’s said that the German was quiet, but polite. As time went on, the Germans forced all Jews to live in ghettos. This hardship was easier for the Wiesel’s because their house was…show more content…
Since they had no real jobs, what they mainly did was sleep. Elie and his father stayed in Auschwitz for three weeks. At the end of three weeks, the person in charge of their barracks was executed for being too humane. Elie, his father, and many other Jews were forced to go to a new concentration camp. Their destination was a camp called Buna.      When the Jews arrived in Buna the camp looked like “it had suffered an epidemic”. The camp looked empty and dead. Elie’s job here was to count bolts, bulbs, and fix small electrical lighting fixtures in a room where German soldiers ate and listened to music performed by Jewish musicians. Elie was beaten after witnessing the rape of a young Jewish girl by the leader of Elie’s barracks. There were occasional air raids during Elie’s stay in this camp. The prisoners believed that the Germans were losing ground against the Americans. Soon, there were rumors going around that the Red Army was advancing on Buna, and it would only be a matter of hours before the army liberated the camp. The following morning, the SS evacuated Buna. The Jews were forced to run in the snow for forty-two miles. If someone stopped he would be shot. After forty-two miles of running they were able to rest. Elie and his father went into a factory and sat down for a little while. After an hour, the SS officers forced them to get up and continue on

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