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THHS Rachel Kupferberg, Rachel Maschler AP Literature-Band 6 May 1, 2011 Major Works Data Sheet- Night Title: Night Author: Elie Wiesel Date of Publication: 1958 Genre: autobiography, memoir Historical information about period of publication: World War II, and the Holocaust, ended in April 1945 when the liberating Allied armies came through the conquered territories in Nazi Europe. Night describes 16 year old Elie’s loss of faith in God, humanity, family and morality in general. Elie, therefore, vowed to not speak of his experience in Auschwitz, Buna or Buchenwald (or any event between 1943 and 1945, from the beginning of the occupation of Hungary to Germany’s liberation in 1945) for ten…show more content…
Elie’s father died of dysentery, starvation, and exhaustion in Buchenwald, only weeks before the liberating army came to the gates of the camp. After the liberation, Elie described how their first act as free men was to throw themselves upon the provisions for such were the inhumane savages they had become. Describe the author’s style: Elie Wiesel’s style has been described as “devastating in its simplicity.” Elie is an eloquent writer who in fragmented sentences and thoughts is able to convey his destruction. His passion to convey his story is clear, and his success in doing so is indisputable. Examples that demonstrate style: Certain passages of the memoir depict events of emotional and grueling intensity, in such a vivid way that they convey the surreal manner of life which the prisoners had become forced to endure, and the scenes into which they had been thrown, dreamlike in their fortified connections with the impossible. For instance, during a night of the death march, the prisoners all vied for a place under the meager roof of a hut. They fought for this place, crushing and suffocating others. “I wanted to get up and disengage myself to allow him to breathe. But I myself was crushed under the weight of other bodies…I dug my nails into unknown faces. I was biting my way through…I couldn’t breathe through my mouth or my nose…This was it; the end of the

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