Night Reflection Essay

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As my first year of high school as a freshman finally comes to an end, I cannot hide the feeling of excitement when I hear the word summer. Like previous years of my life, I would not finish the school year to my best ability. Although, I would not be rewarding myself and representing my progress and learning of a student if I did not write this final essay. I am proud to say that this essay will reflect my growth of an intellectual, kind, and curious figure. I would not have been able to develop without the helpful hand of the characters I analyzed and connected to in the novels I read throughout the school year. Elie Wiesel from the novel Night and Judy Boone from the novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time taught me how the way people respond to conflict shapes who they become. In the novel Night by Elie Wiesel, the response to conflict shaped Elie into a wise man. During World War II, the main character and his family were placed into a concentration camp by the name of Auschwitz. As the story developed and Elie reached his final pages, you learn that his father had died due to the horrible conditions of the camp while Elie was asleep. Near the end of the novel, Elie declared “I shall not describe my life during that period. It no longer mattered. Since my father’s death, nothing mattered to me anymore” (Wiesel 113). Because of the traumatic event when his father died, Elie became distant. He could not longer reach out to others around him nor himself.

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