Night Reflection Essay

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People say change is a common thing. In most cases, you only change in small ways. For the victims of the Holocaust, they went in and came out as a different person. The ending result for Elie Wiesel would change his life forever. In the book Night by Elie Wiesel, the main character, Elie, was transformed throughout the book because of his experience in Auschwitz. Before Elie was taken to the concentration camp, he was seen as a conclusive boy with positive character traits. As stated by Wiesel, “I cried because… because something inside me felt the need to cry. That was all I knew” (4). Elie had an emotional side; he took things into his heart. While talking to Moishe the Beadle, he wasn’t afraid to be explicit and share his feelings about praying. He showed what he was feeling and expressed it with tears. This kept him open to others leaving a positive effect. For him, this was a way to connect through his God and others. Since Elie was someone who didn’t hide things, he didn’t lie often, for example, “‘I’m eighteen.’ My voice was trembling” (Wiesel 31). While entering the camp, he was told to lie about his age so he could stay with his father. Elie was a honest boy. Lying was out of his comfort zone, so he trembled from the discomfort. His honesty was affirmative and showed he was conclusive. Elie also knew what needed to be done and when it should be done, for instance, Elie stated, “I tore my blanket and wrapped it around my foot” (83). After Elie’s surgery he was

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