Night Reflection

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Night by Elie Wiesel tells the incredible story of a young Jewish boy and his father trying to survive the Nazi Concentration camps. Night is a narrative about Elie’s time in Auschwitz, Buna, and Buchenwald. I believe that Night is a must read for people of all ages. Night not only contains incredible imagery, it also tells the day to day life within a concentration camp, something we seldom hear about. But Night isn’t just a story of survival, it also shows the effects that trauma and pain can have on one’s faith and innocence. One of the most vital parts of Night is its emphasis on non sensationalized and pragmatic storytelling. While many know about the gas chambers and the horrid conditions that Jews went through in concentration camps, the day to day life is usually overlooked or just untold. Wiesel discusses what he went through everyday. The struggle to eat enough, the oppression suffered under other Jews and the SS, and the stress put on family inside of the camps. He also discusses his transformation into something inhuman. How he went from having a name to just being another number. This is all so foreign to the general public, who only know of the barracks and the crematorium. Not only does Night showcase the everyday life in the camps, it does so in an incredibly well crafted way, forcing the reader to see the horrors which Elie witnessed. While Night’s story is incredible, the imagery within the story is what makes it memorable. Wiesel weaves together

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