Night Reflection

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How can one survive through hell, through starvation, over exertion, forced labor, torture and watching other people, maybe even close friends or relatives, suffer terrible consequences? How can one survive through absolute cruelty and live to tell the tale of his pain and loss? Welcome to Night, a memoir that introduces the reality of a true survivor, Elie Wiesel, of the Holocaust. This irreproachable chapter consist of many conversations, descriptions and added details that not only affected my understanding, but also helped me to effectively connect my life to this chapter. In addition, there are four important moments or sectors of the chapter where I found that descriptions, details and conversations played a major role in my understanding and connections. At the beginning of the chapter, there were a few descriptions that set my understanding of the Nazi concentration camps in a new way. Elie and his father are just arriving in the new camp, Buna, when they meet an astonishing figure, that turns out to be the head of the camp, “He was a stocky man with big shoulders, the neck of a bull, thick lips, and curly hair. He gave an impression of kindness. From time to time, a smile would linger in his gray-blue eyes. Our convoy consisted of a few ten- and twelve-year-olds” (pg.47). Now, before I read this description of the Buna camp leader and his personal interests, I thought that the concentration camp leaders showed a complete brutality and hatred towards the enslaved

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