Night Reflection

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What you know and believe in can change at any moment. We see a first hand account of this in the book Night. Everyday we see the jews face the horrors of the Buna work camp, as a result of this we see most people change their ethics. As fight or flight instincts kick in, people abandon their family and friends to survive. Elie fights an internal battle to keep his father alive and strong during these tragedies. As others around him give in to the cruel punishment, Elie himself wants to drift towards the darkness. When people are faced with such cruel punishment everyone changes to some extent. For some the change is instant but for most the process of breaking their will is extensive. Very early in the book, we see people break under the pressure of the brutality. When Mrs.Schӓchter screams of fire we see people beat her that have known her for years. Elie recounted the event, “She had received several blows to the head, blows that could have been lethal. Her Son was clinging desperately to her, not uttering a word. He was no longer crying”. Elie saying this shows that he knows that it’s wrong but he doesn’t care. Even her son seems to give in as all he can do is stay close to her and hope she stops. Still, at this point we see the jews stick together as their humanity is still intact. Elie and his father are helped by fellow inmates at selection, “No.” The man now sounded angry “Not fifty. You’re forty. Do you hear? Eighteen and forty.” (Wiesel Page#). By listening to

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