Night Reflection

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In a short span of four years, over six million Jews alone were slaughtered in an event known as the Holocaust. During this event, Jews were gathered up in towns throughout Western Europe and sent away to concentration camps where they were tortured and killed. Even those who survived this abuse had lost many relatives and friends. One of the Jewish civilians that was put through this was Eliezer Wiesel. Although Eliezer survived the odious events of the Holocaust, the ways it has affected him will have changed him forever. The memoir Night by Eliezer Wiesel displays the transformation of Eliezer physically, mentally, and spiritually during this horrendous period. Eliezer’s immediate and most easily recognized changes were physical. As a young boy, Eliezer is presumably in good condition and does not have any disabilities. Once Eliezer enters the Jewish labor camps however, he begins to lose lots of weight due to the fact that he is being starved and forced to do hard and tedious labor. Also Eliezer’s foot swells up because of constant exposure to the cold and needs to be operated on. The operation takes place and Eliezer is placed in the hospital for two weeks for recovery, which he is then forced to break since the camp is evacuated. Once Eliezer’s camp is finally liberated, all he and the other prisoners crave for is to eat and Eliezer compares his appearance to that of a corpse. Three days after liberation of the camp, Elie “spent two weeks between life and death” due

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