Night Reflection Paper

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Before Eliezer arrives at the camps he has faith in God, but when he arrives he begins to lose faith when he sees how people are being treated, and he begins to believe this was God’s plan for the Jews. During a series of these events, his faith his God decreases. Before arriving at the camps, he talks about studying the Talmud during the day, attended the synagogue at night, and had his father find a master who could help him study Kabbalah, Moshe the Beadle. He begins losing hope when he sees a young boy be killed, families being separated, and when he was in the hospital. Elie begins to believe that this was God’s plan because of what he was told the man in the hospital, and when he did not fast during Yom Kippur. Leading up to before Eliezer arrived at the camps, he still had strong faith in God. In the beginning, Elie mentions how he had faith in God before arriving at the camps by saying, “In the beginning there was faith… we believed in God, trusted in man, and lived with the illusion” (Wiesel x). He talks about studying the Talmud during the day and then going to the synagogue at night. Elie even had his father help him find a master, a pedagogy, for him who could help him study, Moshe the Beadle. At this time, things were still going right for him, so he had no reason to have any doubt in God. His family was still together, and they were all well in their health, so each person in his family still had strong faith in God at this time. When Elie and his family arrived at the camps, he began to lose faith. From what he saw, and to his family being separated, where his mother and sister were killed almost instantly, he began to realize that this was an act of hatred. One moment that Elie started to lose faith that really stuck out, was when he saw a small boy get hung. They tied a rope around his neck, along with a few other men, and had him stand on a chair. The chair was kicked out from under him. Unlike the other men, who had a quicker death because they were large enough, the boy suffered for a long time because he was too small of the rope so he slowly suffocated as the group of men started to walk away. Another instance when he started to lose faith was when he was in the hospital. He saw that
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