Night Reflection Paper

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Night The Holocaust has been told in many ways from books about what happened but not many people have heard it from a first person view of a survivor. The book Night tells the story of how Elie Wiesel lived life during the Holocaust. Wiesel tells us how they were treated in inhuman ways of torture and how they lost the fear of death. In the year of 1944 Elie explains how they were split into two different ghettos and the process that they had to go through so that they did not get hurt by the officers. They were split into the two different ghettos by the street that they had lived on. Every day they were forced to stand in the scorching heat for hours at a time without food or water waiting for everyone to be called so that they could continue what they were doing. Many people dug holes in the back of their yards to put valuables in so that even if they survive the torture they will endure in camp by the grace of God they will have something to come back too. When being transported from the big ghetto to the small ghetto they had to stand in the hot sun without food or water for hours as they waited to be called to be loaded into the train. Wiesel said, “We had spent the day without food. But we were not really hungry. We were exhausted.” (Wiesel 17). They stayed in the small ghetto for less than a week and then they were forced into the trains to move to a camp. One person was in charge of the whole cart and if he saw that a single person tried to escape they would be

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