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Jonathan cornejo
Period 3
I - Search Paper
(Section 1) Why am I writing this paper? The Reason why I am writing this is to find out more information about the Holocaust then I know now. Also, I have wanted to see the aftermath. Yes, they some of them survived but I wanted to know did they really survive the hauntings? Also what were some of the disease a a After thinking about that, that intrigued me to do some more research about that question.

My theory was no they do not get over the fact that they struggled to survive and some even felt completely done. What I mean by completely done is the victim of the holocaust lost almost everything so they just lost the will. I would like to research the stories that the survivors said when they’ve been liberated from the camp. Not only will let me understand how they were so determined but shows how determined they were to survive. But that
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I was very shocked to see that how much corresponding factors there were. From the book Night by Elie wizel mostly all the characters, I looked up some of the harsh things they had to face.Then I would research the long term effect of it.But overall what I looked for was basically psychology , I looked at the experience the victim's faced.
To see what happens when mentally and physically to the human body in those circumstances. An example I looked up what happens when you're Malnourished and it turns out you can get very depressed because you have no energy and you lack a lot of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. Which are the most common hormones that make you happy.I collected all of my knowledge by reading websites to websites and understanding it to create a well knowledgeable
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