Night V. Life Is Beautiful Essay

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Night vs. Life is Beautiful When people look at two extremely different stories such as Night and Life is Beautiful, they would not expect there to be many similarities. However, these two devastating tales are more alike than suspected. Both Night and Life is Beautiful may be two accounts of the holocaust, but that does not mean that they bring the same thing to the table. They both may include a somewhat similar father-son relationship, yet they still aren’t that same. Night, a tragic memoir of Eliezer Wiesel, and Life is Beautiful, a humorous and still somewhat depressing movie of Guido and his family, have numerous similarities as well as drastic differences between them. There were numerous differences between the two stories.…show more content…
For example, Night and Life is Beautiful are both centered around their similar themes. Their common theme is that when someone has another person to love and something to hope for, they are capable of incredible things. In Night, Elie and his father’s love and hope depend on each other. As long as they were both alive, Elie as well as his father had a reason to stay alive and maintain their hope. But once Elie’s father died, the one person Elie could put his love and hope into was gone. In Life is Beautiful, Guido’s family all depend on each other. The father depends on his son and wife; the son depends on his mother and father; and the mother depends on her son and husband. They each put a little bit of their hope and love into each other. So, when Guido dies, a little part of his wife and son dies as well taking a small part of their hope and love with him. Another similarity between these two fascinating stories is the father-son relationship. As stated in the previous similarity, they rely on each other. However, these two relationships are different within their similarity. Between Elie and Chlomo, Elie’s father, they had a strong relationship that kept them going through everything. At one point, Elie even helped his father get the marching pattern right so Chlomo would not get hurt. Also, Elie gave his bread to his father even when the more logical thing to do was to keep it for himself since he was obviously the only one who had a chance at life then. In this
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