Night Witch Themes

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In today’s world almost all people, male or female, young or old, black or white can fight for their country. Back in world war II, this was not the case, which was an issue. The Russian Night Witches were teenage girls, enlisted to help with the war in a unique way. They dropped bombs on the Germans during the night, keeping them awake all night, which dulled their senses for the next day’s fights. The nonfiction book, The Night Witches - the amazing story of Russia’s women pilots in World War II by Bruce Myles addressed topics within the story with a more direct approach than LJ Adlington’s fiction novel, Night Witches. In the latter, the main character was a girl who was in the Night Witches, but she was also a literal witch, with magical…show more content…
“To be awarded the title of Guards Regiment was the greatest collective honour they could achieve” (Myles 171). This quote shows that the troop accomplished their ultimate goal of proving all of those who doubted them wrong, and serving their country well. Throughout both books, themes of inferiority were common through the words of male troops towards the Night Witches, before they began to outperform them. “‘Folks in Corona City are sitting up and taking notice! You are making a difference in this war’” (Adlington 178). This quote refers to the spotlight that the newspapers had begun to point at the Night Witches, once they got wind of how they were excelling and the difference they were making. This was an enormous confidence booster and affirmation of skills for the girls who were constantly belittled by those around them because of their gender and age. The newspapers played a more active role in the nonfiction book, with updates on specific girls, and more overall information on the war and their effect on it. This is helpful for the reader because they get more out of the reading, and understand how the papers fueled their desire for success, and gave them hope for the future. “‘This is a huge honor, Rain. Think of it, you’ll be a Hero of Rodina’” (Adlington 259). This quote shows that the fiction book incorporated the important aspects of the story, but not with the same level of detail as the nonfiction, which is not the best way to learn for many people. For example, in the nonfiction book, the squadron got the highest honor, and in the fiction book just two of the pilots did. This changes the theme because it doesn’t boost the morale of the whole squadron, accomplishing their goals. It also creates a some jealousy, which is
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