Night by Elie Wisel and Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck differences and similarites

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Night by Elie Wisel and Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck are both books that have differences and similarities in the relationships of their main characters. These characters are Elie and his father, which are two Jews trapped in a concentration camp for the book Night. The other book Of Mice and Men includes two other characters, who are Lennie and George. These two characters have very close friendship, and take care of each other. These two relationships differ and coincide, in how they treat each other, and in how they care for one another even when they don’t have to. The relationships of the characters in both books are both fairly close, but still face many hardships along the way. As in all books the characters have a…show more content…
A quotation from this novel of this is when Slim said “You had to George, I swear you had to” just after the murder place. The quote relates to the relationship of Elie and his father by showing how they both felt the same burden about others. Lastly, another similarity between the relationships is how close they are throughout the novels. For example, one way is as mentioned earlier, they care for each other by feeling remorse when something happens to them such as in Night or when they do something that might put them in danger or make them ill. An example is when George says “Lennie for God’ sakes don’t drink so much.”This relates to Elie and his father by showing us how they cared for each other’s health. All of this shows that even if characters are from different novels there are still many qualities in their relationships that coincide. The relationship between Elie and his father, and the relationship between George and Lennie differed in many aspects. One example, of this is that George and Lennie from the novel Of Mice and Men had a relationship of “tough love” even though they cared for each other, compared to Elie and his father which still loved each other but were not so harsh on each other. For instance, George always would say “I would be better off without you Lennie.” Even though he was tough on him George still cared for him. This quote relates to Elie and his dad because it explains how this made their relationships differ. On the other
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