Nightcrawler Analysis

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Nightcrawler is set in modern Los Angeles and Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Lou Bloom, a young man desperate for work. One late night he witnesses an accident and sees a group of men recording the whole thing. The camera crew are called stringers. Stringers films car crashes, fires, and murders, and sells that footage to TV news stations. Bloom finds his calling and gets good at it. He gets really good at it to a point that he is committing crimes to get footage.
The purpose of local television news is to provide viewers with information about their community. To do this successfully, they report unique local crimes that are not from national news. The news exists for the people. They are the ones that consume it.
Nightcrawler illustrates that murders in wealthy neighborhoods receive the
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He interferes with crime scenes in order to get the best possible footage that he can sell.
Because Lou is desperate for money, the line between regular member of society and sociopath becomes blurred. Lou is committing the acts of crime because the news wants the better footage.
Lou would not have a job if the people did not want to see the graphic images. News were meant to inform the public, but Lou is turning it into a profitable business.
Nightcrawler illustrates that fear generates the most revenue for local news stations. When the primary focus of news stations is to scare the community, it is no longer news.
Lou Bloom becomes obsessed with the idea of recording the perfect crime footage and making money by selling it to the local news channels. Lou is committing crimes for the news stations, but the news is wanting the footage because the common people want it.
The news stations want higher ratings, and Lou wants higher pay with his footage. Eventually, Lou reaches his limit causing him to cross the line. The media needs to have a balance; without it they become greedy. The movie illustrates a cycle of
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