Nightcrawler Essay

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Nightcrawler reveals the side effects of a blood thirsty, self centered society. Dan Gilroy’s 2014 Nightcrawler introduces the audience to Lou Bloom, a modern day vampire and reveals the side effects of the mediated, narcissistic society that he lives in. Bloom shows many characteristics that expose his vampiric traits as well as his sociopathic ones. He is a product of modern day society, with a thirst for violence and shocking media, and he is more than willing to provide images and film to quench society’s thirst. In the film Nightcrawler Bloom is a modern day vampire feeding off crime and the audience’s desire for blood.
Just as Fictional vampires feed off of the blood of their victims, Bloom feeds off violence within society. He thrives off of crime; being able to observe and watch others in pain is a fascinating to him. For example, in the Horror House segment of the film, Bloom is almost giddy filming the aftermath of the shooting, observing the dead family members and even ignoring the survivor in pain, close to death. We can see his ecstasy from his facial expressions while filming and manipulating the car crash to intensify the aftermath and to get a better shot. He feeds off of these violent actions within society and thrives in response. He is wired by
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Nightcrawler reveals the underbelly of a mediated society. This is reflected through Lou Bloom and his vampiric traits. As society’s demands for violence and suburban crime intensifies, Lou’s traits are exemplified even more. His void of emotion is highlighted in his attempts to get the perfect shot in, order to please the viewers within society. In attempts to find the bloodiest stories Lou continues to fit the mold of a societal vampire. Lou’s sociopathic and vampiric tendencies allow for him to thrive through his job while seeking out suburban crimes to please his viewers demands for
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