Nightjohn Chapter 4 Summary

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In the start of Nightjohn chapter four, Alice is mentioned. Alice is slave that others thought would be sold soon, but, eventually, became a—forced—breeder. She was fiercely whipped by the master one night because she was caught walking by the white house—which was not allowed. Alice tries to run away, which reminds Sarny of the time that Jim and Pawley tried. Jim ran far—past the river, on top of the fence rail and back down to the ground. The mean dogs followed and found him. Jim hung from the tree; but, his legs were low enough, so the dogs could rip him apart. He was dead. The next man, Pawley, snuck away to see a girl; he did it often, but got caught one night. The dogs tore him apart—not to death; then,the master tied him down and cut
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