Nightjohn Character Analysis

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Nightjohn was a great book due to it’s deep and heavy themes and concepts as well as it’s excellent storytelling based on a true story. This is all true and very obvious to the reader but what makes this book so enjoyable to audiences? Let’s dig deeper into the themes of Nightjohn.

Freedom has been a concept integral in our modern society, and it’s difficult to think about the fact that a few decades ago slavery was sadly, a very common thing. The only items slaves held were given to them and could be taken away. There was just about nothing that slave owners couldn’t take, they took food, clothes, and hope. One of the few things that couldn’t be taken was what was not visible to the eye, intelligence and knowledge. This is what Nightjohn sought to give to the slaves in the south, the reason he escaped slavery only to selflessly return under the cover of night. Anything that slaves can permanently keep and that cannot be taken by the slave owners’ is virtually priceless. It has unlimited value and nobody, absolutely nobody can take that away.

Moreover, just because someone is a leader does not always mean they have good intentions per se. Clel’s son took leadership of the farm, but he is still a slaver and will consequently
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Even after his toes/fingers were chopped off, yet he still continued to teach, and that is bravery. The definition of Bravery is Nightjohn returning to where he was consistently tortured for the sake of teaching other slaves how to read and write, knowing what awaited him were he to get caught teaching. Another example of bravery is Sarny’s desire to learn, despite the consequences. Delie had informed Sarny what would happen if Clel had discovered that she had been learning to read and write, but Sarny still continued doing so. This showcases the true meaning of
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