Nightmare Come True

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Nothing ever changes. Except, the conclusion, this becomes closer to reality every time.
I was told by my mother a sometime time ago that when you are dreaming you are falling, but you always awake before splattering on the ground. She said the shock of seeing yourself splattered on the ground like a 10 week old tomato sandwich would be too much for the human soul to deal with, so your body convulses you awake before you become a witness of your own death.
My dream isn’t one where I am falling, but it also isn’t one where I awake before my life has concluded.
As I had specified before, my dream is never different. The dream begins with me walking down this beautiful sandy boardwalk. The breeze is abundant with the sensual smells of sea salt and fish and chips. The amazing view of the blue and white foamy waves sweeping up onto the dehydrated sand. While the women lye in their colorful bikinis, allowing their bodies to be kissed by the heat of the sun. The annoying, yet soothing sound of seagulls squawking in the distance. As children laugh and play on the beach, allowing their ice-cream to slowly drip down their hands and young infants running from the waves.
A child holding her mother’s hand passes me, a sweet and innocent little thing ranging around the age of five or six, locks eyes with me. Her countenance expresses necessity, but not enough to restrain herself from consuming her ice-cream like there was no tomorrow. She continues on…
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