Nike : A New Year

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The ball drops and an all the sudden people around the world are celebrating a new year, for some a new beginning, and for most a time to do something they’ve been putting off for years. Ten Minutes into the New Year, people are already making this year’s resolution. One of the most common resolutions for the New Year is to increase exercising and take care of ourselves. A company that can motivate you and provide you with the proper tools is Nike. If you take a closer look, you see the swoosh everywhere you go. Founded as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman (Nike History and Timeline), the brand we know as Nike, circa 1971 has infiltrated and successfully has become a lifestyle to millions of people at a global…show more content…
Consumers and viewers of Nike’s social media channels are inspired. Nike, as a brand knows how to voice motivation, inspire through imagery and make it seem as if you didn’t know how you were living without Nike product. Not only are Nike’s images well constructed, visually appealing, inspirational and motivational – the way thee wording around their posts stand out as something somewhere needs to hear. There are millions of people talked into becoming active, told to keep going and told “There’s No Finish Line” due to social media activity with this brand. Through imagery, Nike successfully creates product focus by gaining attention with a one liner like “Just Do It” (their slogan), discussing the product, and moving into something inspirational. However, not every post is circulating around selling. With a proper mixture of quotes, motivation, celebrity marketing and technology, Nike uses imagery to grab consumer attention. Each and every image on all channels of the Nike family uses extensive composition with color and negative space, a noticeable subject or focus and a good “flow” of timelines making sure to balance their mixture of marketing tools via social channels. Nike takes part in all of the most popular social media channels that are being used today. The top three social media channels are Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – in which Nike has made their mark on each and every one

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