Nike : An American Inspired Fitness Brand That Relishes Global Success

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Company Mission
Reebok is an American-inspired fitness brand that relishes global success. The innovation strategy within the company 's roots is to create clothing and accessories allowing the athlete to train at their maximum potential. By using the technologies available as well as innovating to create new sport apparel, reebok can provide a material benefit to consumer’s fitness activities. The direct mission of the Reebok company is to “Challenge and lead the fitness world through creativity.” The content displayed within the website of the Reebok company properly aligns with the mission of the company, although, the mission is very mundane. The company’s brand attitude as well as the company’s strategy are each alluring; A weakness found within the mission statement. The company would be beneficial in establishing a target audience. Perhaps, the audience could be casual trainers, runners, basketball players, or fitness junkies. By establishing a target audience, reebok would at least be able to make a large impact in that business industry, rather than trying to have success in all athletics simultaneously.
Marketing Mix The products and services are adequate to the website. They are adequate because the products Reebok provides are all based on fitness or running in particular and those are the things Reebok is known for. If I was able to modify any products, I would modify the basketball section. They claim to have basketball shoes, yet when you go to their
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