Nike Analysis

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Nike Analysis

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Company history…Pages 3-5

Environmental issues…Pages 5-6

Marketing Objective…Pages 6-7

Strategy Control…Page 7

R and D…Page 8

SWOT…Pages 9-11

Competition Strategy…Page 11

Political/Legal…Page 12

Cultures …Page 12

Demographics…Page 13

Economic Strategy…Page 13

Global Strategy…Page 14

Environmental Strategy…Page 15-16

Long Term Objectives…Page 16

Specific recommendations…Page 17

Conclusion…. Page 17

Financials …Page 18-19

References…Page 20

Company History

I have chosen Nike to produce an analysis on. It is important for a company as large as Nike to keep abreast of their strategies and to remain competitive. Here is some background
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Today in 2006, Nike Inc. not only manufactures and distributes athletic shoes at every marketable price point to a global market, but over 40% of sales come from athletic apparel, sports equipment, and subsidiary ventures. Nike maintains traditional and non-traditional distribution channels in more than 100 countries targeting its primary market regions: United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Americas. Nike dominates sales in the athletic footwear industry with a 33% global market share. Nike has very straight forward mission statement. It is as follows, "To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete. (" This quote comes from an athlete himself. Bill Bowerman was a track and field coach at the University of Oregon. This man single handedly brought jogging to America. He taught his athletes to believe in themselves, seek competitive advantage in everything they do, and have passion to keep them motivated. Environmental Aspects With an organization employing over 24,000 people and existing for over 33 years it is no surprise that Nike has been able to stand the

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