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Nike Corporation

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Financial Analysis Description of Company

History Nike Corporation has become one of the most competitive sports and fitness companies worldwide. Two runners, Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, from a small town in Oregon embarked upon the business with a handshake agreement. The enterprise began in January of 1964 with the introduction of Blue Ribbon Sports. In 1966 the handshake between Bowerman and Knight was made official with a formal written partnership. While the company was still young there were others who were imperative participants in the growth of the corporation. Jeff Johnson became Blue Ribbon Sports’ first full
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In the Sydney Olympic Games Nike also is the sponsor for the entire Australian Olympic team.
At the beginning of 2000, Nike introduces a new product for the next generation of runners, they are called Nike Shox. Subsequent to the events of September 11, 265 employee runners participated in a run across America. They stop at forty-four firehouses from Oregon to New York. In 2002, Nike obtains Hurley International which is a surfing, skating and snowboarding apparel line. Later that year NikeGo is implemented to help increase physical activity across America. As 2003 approaches Nike is named “Advertiser of the Year” by the Cannes Advertising Festival for the second time. That same year Nike’s international sales surpassed their U.S. sales for the first time ever. In the following year Nike acquires the Converse Corporation and also embraces the LIVE STRONG phenomenon and raises millions of dollars for young people with cancer. By 2006, Nike begins to contact the world of technology by partnering up with Apple to launch a new running shoe that is connected to music through a small sensor.
Number of Employees
The Nike Corporation has branched out worldwide. Nike can be found in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region, the Asia Pacific region, and also the Americas region (North and South America excluding the United States). The home of Nike is primarily in the Pacific

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