Nike And Brand Loyalty

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2.1 Brand Loyalty
2.1.1 Definition
According to, brand loyalty is when the consumers became committed to their favorite brand and repeat their purchases over time. Brand loyalty is the result of consumer behavior and is affected by consumer’s preferences. Brand loyalty could also be defined as the strength of preference for a brand compared to other available options that is similar. This is often measured in terms of repeated purchase or price sensitivity (, 2006). However, Bloemer and Kasper (1995) defined true brand loyalty as having six necessary conditions which are: 1) the biased (i.e. non-random); 2) behavioral purchase response; 3) overtime expression 4) by some decision-making unit; 5) with respect to one
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Nike has introduced many soft wares to help people achieve what they wanted, such as Nike+ Running, which is the first running software that is compatible to apple gadgets and now compatible in many platforms too, Nike+ Training, a software that gives people suggestions and workout plans. These softwares have been used by over 28 million users around the world .
Nike also supports athletes by offering them communities of support that links Nike+ users to an entire community and encourages people to break their limits, and excel on their workouts. Nike gives people challenges, and also coaching program on their software, or making custom training and challengers between friends. Nike also popularized its’ own softwares by making them very social, which is a very liked feature of Nike+, considering people are actually trying to socialize on online social media network, such as linking their runs to their twitter account, post pictures on Instagram or making moments on

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