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Nike and New Balance
Nike and New Balance both are companies that sell sports apparel. Nike brand is one of the most popular brands and has been around years and has the popular slogan “Just Do It”. Nike’s goal is to make products to every person by making sports apparel that will decrease injuries, enhance performance, and lastly that will feel good to wear. On the other hand, New Balance is not as popular. New Balance is still trying to become one of the top brands for sports apparel.
Promotion Strategy
Nike and New Balance promotional strategies are very similar. They both target athletes. New Balance’s promotional strategy also aims towards youth sports, races, track and field and also sponsoring different charitable organizations worldwide. While Nike’s slogan “Just do it” has been used in different promotional advertisements. Nike has contract with celebrities and professional athletes, that helps promote the product. This has contributed to the success of Nike. Through mass media, Nike has employed a selective demand advertisement that focuses on high priced shoes for sports (Anttonen, S. 2015).
Marketing with both Nike and New Balance being very similar, the companies can find different ways to set them apart from their competitors by using each other’s information to their advantage. One way for New Balance to have a competitive advantage over Nike is to strictly focus on running shoes. Nike focuses on athletic shoes for sports like
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