Nike And Nike Vs. Nike

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Adidas and Nike are two major athletic clothing companies on the market. The two brands are both commonly worn by athletes. Nike has endorsed some of the top athletes in the world. Take Michael Jordan for example, Nike created an entire brand off his name, “Air Jordan’s.” Adidas also has multiple athletes that advertise for them including soccer player David Beckham. The two companies have been in constant competition with their footwear and apparel for several years. Deciding between the two brands has always been a challenging process for me. Having had products from both companies, I struggle choosing which is better. Both are successful companies that strive to create well made products for their customers. Through these evaluations, I…show more content…
Today, several players ranging in all ages own Adidas cleats, including myself. They provide good support and give an extra boost when playing the game.
In contrast, the most popularly sold Nike shoe is for running. This type is usually lightweight and easy slip on. I have owned several pairs of Nikes and all have been very durable. They have lasted me several years and still look new. Many track runners use Nike tennis shoes or may even own a pair of Nike spikes. Some people even believe that runners who wear Nike tennis shoes in track races have an unfair advantage. Nike “shoes cushioned the feet of all three medalists in the men’s marathon at the Rio Olympics last summer” (Jeré Longman). It is no coincidence that athletes continue to purchase Nike running shoes, and continue to provide the best results when competing.
While Nike’s most profitable product is their footwear, they also offer many different types of apparel. Such as leggings and tank tops for women; for men they have polo’s, tee’s and socks. They sell all sizes for both genders. It is common to see athletes wearing multiple Nike products at one time. I have seen many people with a new pair of Nike tennis on, while also wearing a Nike t-shirt. Most of their apparel is expensive. Some leggings sale for the price of a
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