Nike Brand equity

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IntroductionNike Corporation was incorporated in 1968. In their thirty-four year history, Nike has primarily been in the business of designing, developing, and marketing athletic footwear, attire, equipment and accessories, а lot of companies go out on a limb when it comes to business decision or management strategies with Nike Corporation. Nike is а powerful company. Nike Corporation is a well managed company in а striking industry, the company has a strong brand image, and they are effectively capturing the value shaped from their savings. Modern superior ways to make products are significant in today's Apparel companies, both to be efficient and to be able to make hi-tech products. Nike is dependent upon high technology in their effort…show more content…
The companies also have manufacturing contracts with manufacturers in countries that do not have as many requirements for conditions of work environment and others that increase costs. Also because of the process is labour concentrated, the manufacturing takes place where labour is cheap. Nike is trying to increase their international presence. On-line store is an important factor in the presence of Nike Corporation; the company believes it is vital to run on-line operation. (Peters 2005 3-6)Nike despite popular belief the very good thing about them is that the company is aware of their social responsibility, and donated million of cash and products to different charitable organizations. In addition to their contributions they have also developed а labour practices department, which pays close attention to а labour practice of third world countries in which it produces. Even though they are charitable organization they have not forgotten to be environmentally aware, with the introduction of а environmental concern showing consumers that they have a heart. Because of the Nike growth they are an advantageous position in the market. This can also be attributed to their market share leadership, wide product selection, and stronger name recognition. (Peters 2005 3-6)Brand loyaltyBrand faithfulness is the major success of any company and Nike has managed faithfulness with the customers now for а long. There are

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