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Nike Business Analysis Donny Otwell, Jasen Saavedra, Mohamed Takkouch Business 10 Mrs. Rochin December 5, 2016 Donny Otwell, Jasen Saavedra, Mohamed Takkouch Mrs. Rochin Bus 10 December 5, 2016 NIKE Although facing major competition throughout their history, Nike has been able to grow from a two-man team into a multibillion-dollar corporation in less than 40 years. Nike was started in 1971 after Phil Knight had done research with Former coach and friend from Oregon Track and Field Bill Bowerman. But we will backtrack to fill in the history of the company and how it got off the ground and where it started. Things started after Phil got his masters at Stanford. In 1962 Phil traveled the world before he would start his professional career but he always knew that he wanted to stay around sports. While in Japan he set up a meeting with Tiger Shoes (later to be named Asics) and sold himself as an American sports shoes distributor. While he was in the interview the Tiger Shoe Company business spokesman asked who he was representing and he on a whim responded “The Blue Ribbon Sports” company and so it was born. After selling himself as a distributor, he and Bill put $500 dollars apiece to get an order of shoes. In the first year they sold $8,000, which was about 1,300 pairs of shoes (about $62,000 in today’s dollar amount) dollars’ worth of shoes in the first year. In the years following the start of the business
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