Nike Case Analysis

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Nike: Building a Global Brand
Case analysis
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Dr. Ibrahim Hegazy


How would you characterize Nike’s brand image and sources of brand equity in the U.S?
Nike’s Brand image in the US:

Brand image is the impression in the consumers' mind of a brand's total personality (real and imaginary qualities and shortcomings). It is set of feelings, emotions and experiences that are linked to the brand. While brand personality is the image the company wants to convey through the different brand architecture (logo, name, Marketing mix, and communicated messages) and they have control over, the brand image is the subjective mental picture of the brand. It is developed over time through advertising
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Nike is capitalizing on the idolized view of American for their athletic heroes, specially the youth the main target of NIKE. This association projects the personality of the celebrity on the brand. The most famous example for brand association ever was the collaboration between Nike and Jordan, the association that personified Nike as a superior, achiever, successful and amazing top performing brand, By time this personification became permanent even when Jordan was not there turning consumer response to Nike brand from conditional (stimulated by the presence of Jordan) to permanent unconditional one. Also they associated with top sport events in the states by sponsoring the basketball American league. This brand association again conveyed an image of Nike as a


serious, high performance, American brand capitalizing on the nature of basketball as a tough game that is most popular in the states. From the other side this association, in addition to the personification of the brand, it increased the brand awareness. Nike communicated this association through their TV ads that was a hit at their time in the states like the Jordan air ad that caught fire and increased their sales dramatically. In addition, one of the most important sources of Nike brand equity is the high perceived quality of the brand not only among athletes but also between the public. Although most of their market was the public that used their shoes just for
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