Nike Case Analysis: Maintaining and Working on Brand Image

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Nike Case Analysis The case concerning the Nike brand is a classic case of maintaining and working on brand image. Every aspect of a brand is important in the basis of building a strong clientele and becoming a trusted retailer. Nike endured challenges along the way in their quest to become umber one. They encountered criticism due to the unsafe working conditions, which took the life of one of their workers in a foreign land. Although they were not direct workers of the Nike's headquarters, they were a part of the making of the brand's products through subcontractors. This connection alone should have made Nike more interested in their treatment and the perception others had of the brand. In an effort to keep cost at an all time low Nike became one of the first companies to conduct a completely off site business. By doing business this way Nike was able to eliminate many of the typical business activities regular businesses deal with on a day to day basis such as maintaining workers and upkeep of a manufacturing site. Although Nike decided to do business overseas through subcontractors, these off sight companies which solely produced Nike products were still a representation of their brand. Nike should have taken earlier complaints and rumors about horrible working conditions as a serious matter, which had a damaging effect to their image. Nike employed countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam due to their low production prices, and by mutually agreeing to conduct business

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