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Apparently there are two market segments of consumers for many product forms of athletic shoes: those who use the shoes to engage in the designated athletic activity and those who primarily use the shoes for casual wear and seldom engage in the athletic activity. Discuss the differences between these two segments in means-end chains, especially end goals, needs and values for running, basketball, aerobics, or tennis shoes. What types of special difficulties does a marketer face in promoting its products to two market segments of consumers who use the product in very different ways? A marketer may face many different types of difficulties during promotion in this type of instance. First, the means-end chains are completely different for…show more content…
It is their corporate responsibility to ensure safe and environmental friendly products to their consumers and stakeholders. Nike has expanded its product line well beyond the original running shoes. It now includes models for virtually every type of sport or physical activity. Visit the Nike web site ( for a complete listing of the models it sells. Moreover, Nike continually introduces new models; on average, Nike introduces a new shoe style every day of the year. Discuss the pros and cons of this continual churn of new attributes and new products. How do you think consumers react to this? In today’s consumer market consumers focus a lot of their attention on the latest and greatest product. By continually improving products consumers will keep on buying. From the 1980’s into the 21st century a lot of these improvements have focused on performance. For example, in 1987 Nike introduced air inserts, a new type of technology in the soles of all of its higher end shoes (Peter & Olson, 2010). Nike also came out with the “Air Jordan,” along a cutout in the sole so the consumer could see the “air” encapsulated in the shoe that provided the cushioning. As Peter & Olson, 2010, bring out, “a key strategy for Nike has been to create shoes with special technical attributes (air inserts, stability reinforcement, lacing patterns) that would enhance performance” (p. 97). These technological improvements enhance

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