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Nike Case Study The US-based Nike Corporation announced that it had generated profits of $97.4 million, around $48 million below its earlier forecast for the third quarter ended February 28, 2001. The company said that the failure in the supply chain software installation by i2 Technologies3 was the cause of this revenue shortfall. This admission of failure also affected the company's reputation as an innovative user of technology. The supply chain software implementation was the first part of a huge project to install an integrated ERP system from SAP, and customer relationship management (CRM) software from Siebel Systems. For over a year, Nike reeled as a result of this failure. i2 and Nike blamed each other in public, for the…show more content…
The task was very challenging as it involved 350 manufacturing plants and a global distribution network with around 27 decentralized order management systems. Commenting on its complexity and the number of modifications made in the supply chain systems, one former employee of Nike said, "It's been modified thousands and thousands of times. These little arcane changes had T" 7 ,". to create serious problems as Nike moved to a whole new system." Table I: Enterprise Application Implementation at Nik |Company |Solution | |SAP |ERP | |i2 |Planning | |Siebel |CRM | |PeopleSoft |Human Capital Management (HR Systems) | |PTC |Product Data Management, Product Life Cycle management | |See Beyond |Application integration | |Marc

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