Nike Case Study

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Nike Case Study

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For Master of Business Administration Degree
Tiffin University at University of Bucharest
Information and Decision Support Course

Ciprian Jitaru

Instructor: Prof. John J. Millar Ph.D.
Dean Emeritus and Professor of Management

Cohort 9
November 06, 2010

1. What external and internal pressures did Mark Parker face when he assumed the leadership of Nike, and how did he respond to this challenges?

In order to understand the challenges that Mark Parker had we need to know what the internal and external business environment was. Speaking about external environment in that period Adidas become more powerful in the U.S. market trough the
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This decision allowed Nike to develop an entire new range of products and increased sales and profitability.

3. Part of the strategic management is accomplished via SWOT analysis. What is the evidence that the leadership at Nike is making use of this tool?

SWOT analysis is part of environment analysis , strength and weakness is part of internal environment, threats and opportunities are linked to external environment.

Looking at the strategic decision made by Nike it is clear that they used SWOT analysis. We can see that they looked at the internal environment and establish the strengths-specially the fact that the main strength of Nike is innovation. The best proof that Parker identified innovation as the main strength is the fact that he established the Explore group and he involved himself in the Nike+iPod program.

The threat that was identified trough SWOT analysis was the Adidas which become bigger after buying Reebok. Trough the acquisition of Reebok, Adidas became not only bigger but also it gained a much more powerful position on the US market, because Reebok was an American company and had a better understanding of the U.S marke 5002006132t.

Shifting the brand focus from product-based to customer-driven focus it a proof that Nike leadership used SWOT to analyze the opportunities in the market .Analyzing the opportunity showed that customers need
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