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Cash equivalents are very safe assets that can be readily converted into cash; NIKE is one such example. Accounts receivables consist of the short-term obligations owed to the company by its clients. Companies often sell products or services to customers on credit; these obligations are held in the current assets account until the clients pay them off. Lastly, inventory represents the raw materials, work-in-progress goods and the company’s finished goods. Depending on the company, the exact makeup of the inventory account will differ. For example, a manufacturing firm will carry a large amount of raw materials, while a retail firm caries none. The makeup of a retailer 's inventory typically consists of goods purchased from manufacturers and wholesalers. In my opinion balance sheet is in balance where the value of the assets equals the combined value of the liabilities and shareholders’ equity. The assets and liabilities sections of the balance sheet are organized by how current the account is. So for the asset side, the accounts are classified typically from most liquid to least liquid. For the liabilities side, the accounts are organized from short to long-term borrowings and other obligations. Therefore, can show you with a better idea of the company’s financial condition along with its operational efficiency. This can give investors an idea of how financially stable the company

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