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Evaluation of Nike’s CRM programme
Nike’s Rationale for implementing CRM programme In nowadays business world, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential for a business strategy for every company. Our chosen company is Nike, one of the largest supplier of sportswear which include shoes and apparel. Implementation of CRM programme is a essential for every successful company. Customer Relationship Management is the core business strategy that integrates internal processes and functions and external networks, to create and deliver value to targeted customer at a profit. It is based on high quality customer-related data and enabled by information technology. (Buttle, 2009) The main reason for Nike to implement CRM programme
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One of the CRM programme that implemented by Nike in order to build and maintain a relationship with their customer is the Nike Fuel enable their customer to record their progress with Nike+devices that are specially designed to enable customers get information about the latest sports trend, get insights and, to communicate with Nike. Nike site also enable their customer to use the search function to search for information about the Nike’s latest. The answer is provided by the use of intelligent automate response technology. There are also several sections to provide customers with answers of Frequently Asked Question (FAQ). Through the implementation of this CRM programme, Nike is able to have an open communication line with the customers and have a better understanding of their customers.
Another CRM programme implemented my Nike is Nike+Connect apps, it is a free application developed by Nike that uploads customer Nike+ data from their Nike+ devices such as Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ Sportwatch to their account. It enables customer to access the pleasure of sharing their sports experiences with their friends and the community any where anytime with their personal mobile devices. Nike also implemented Nike+ running app that enable customer to share their experience on social media such as Facebook, twitter.
Last but not least, the main CRM programme

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