Nike: Cross-Cultural Perspective

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Cross-cultural perspective Nike Nike is among organizations that are known globally. The headquarters of Nike are in Beaverton, Oregon and it has expanded to other countries in order for them to reach the markets which are untapped so that they can increase their profit margins. For a very long time now the organization has been sourcing its labor from other countries. This is because just as other corporations Nike is escaping the strict regulations which the United States gives them. They easily and readily find cheap labor in third world countries such as Pakistan, Taiwan, China, South Korea and Vietnam (Teather, 2005). This company views this cheap labor availability to be quite beneficial when it comes to the fulfillment of the needs of the customers while maintaining low production costs. The media has highlighted some of the malpractices that global companies such as Nike have bee part of. The paper will look at the cultural issue within Nike .it will also look at the social and ethical responsibility issues which Nike must deal with due to its status as a global organization. Cultural issue in Nike Nike started out as an organization for Blue Ribbon sports whose main region of operation was the United States but it further went global in order to expand the product line of the company. Nike's expansion to Pakistan has been faced by various cultural issues among them is their use of child labor and subjecting employees to poor working conditions. There were
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