Nike Imc Campaign

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Integrated Marketing Communications | By Mark LLanos | Advertising and Public Relations | | Executive Summary Best known for their “Just do it” branding, Nike was founded in 1955 by an athlete named Phil Knight who ran track for Bill Bowerman. Originally starting as a footwear distributor for a company known today as “ASICS”, the founders of the company decided to take a different approach to their business. When they launched their Nike line, they realized that having an athlete endorse their shoes would be a great way to reach out to the world. With the assistance of an organization by the name of Wieden & Kenny, they developed the “Evolution” campaign that focused on their commitment to runners and starting what we…show more content…
Below is a list of their 2011 fiscal wholesale and estimated growth for that year. Nike Brand Category | FY 2011 Wholesale Revenue | FY 2011 Growth | Running | $2.8 Billion | +30% | Basketball | $1.9 Billion | +11% | Football (Soccer) | $1.8 Billion | +8% | Men’s Training | $1.7 Billion | +15% | Women’s Training | $842 Million | +13% | Action Sports | $470 Million | +18% | Sportswear | $5.1 Billion | +3% | Nike Golf | $623 Million | -4% | Situation Analysis Currently Nike is a household name. They are best known for their “Just Do It” Brand. They are considered as number one in their market. However in order to get more consumers we must identify their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats. Below is a breakdown of Nike’s SWOT Analysis, Ansoff Product/Market Matrix, and Competitor Matrix, current advertising and sales promotional strategies. Ansoff Product / Market Matrix Competitor Matrix Nike’s IMC Promotional Mix * Product – Nike offers a diverse range of high quality sporting goods along with their collaboration with Apple to produce the innovative Nike+ line. * Price – As an industry leader, Nike’s pricing is based on the basis of a premium segment of target consumers. Their pricing strategy makes use of their integration of pricing since they work with different partners to lower their prices to the masses. * Place – Since Nike shoes are carried by multi-brand stores, as well as Nike stores all across
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