Nike Inc. And The Ethical Dilemma Essay

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This paper delves into the well-known Nike Inc. and the ethical dilemma they have been struggling with for years, including the history as well as their efforts to address the issue. While they are have already found ways to try to turn their company around, this paper discusses multiple alternative options as well as the top recommendation and form of application for management to take. With analysis, evaluation, recommendation, and application, this case study will also focus on the impact of the five stakeholders: owners, employees, customers, stockholders, and society at large. Don’t Just Say It, Just Do It
Every company, no matter how big or small, begins somewhere with the aspiration of success. With different approaches and strategies, different companies reach different levels. Nike Inc. is one of the many companies who has reached their success through intense marketing strategies, costing them a large portion of the business’s money. So if most of the money is going to marketing, how are they making such great, quality products? Well there are pros and cons to everything, but often times one is outweighed by the other. Nike’s money used for marketing comes from the money saved through outsourcing its manufacturing, so while the pros may include high brand awareness, the cons are immeasurably greater. Through outsourcing, countless lives are put in danger -- the number one, biggest, most detrimental con overlooked by Nike’s management. In this case

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