Nike, Inc. Business Strategy Analysis

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DUTA WACANA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY | NIKE, Inc. Business Strategy Analysis | Issues in Strategic Information Management | BIS301 | Elia Sagita Wijaya E1000235 | Table of Contents I. Executive Summary 2 II. Background and Assumptions 2 III. Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives 2 IV. Remote Environment 3 A. Economic Factors 3 B. Social Factors 3 C. Political and Legal Factors 4 V. Porter’s Five Forces 4 A. Bargaining Power of Suppliers 4 B. Bargaining Power of Customers 4 C. Threat of Substitute Products 5 D. Threat of New Entrants 5 E. Rivalry within Industry (High) 6 VI. SWOT Analysis 6 A. Strengths 6 B. Weaknesses 8 C. Opportunities 9 D. Threats 10 VII. Alternate…show more content…
g. Unleash innovations. h. Revolutionize products. i. Transform manufacturing. To summarize it all, Nike’s mission from this point forward is to improve their revenue while also being an environmental friendly company. In short, it is to increase their profit while maintaining a good-for-environmental waste and resource management. Remote Environment Economic Factors 1. EU is changing into one currency. 2. USA economic growth is growing slowly after the incident of WTC and even worse after the economic troubles which resulted in the incident of Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. 3. Many athletic shoes company chooses contract manufacturing. Social Factors 1. Since 70-s, customer is more brand-minded. 2. Sport Consumer preferences are changing into more fashion-oriented. 3. Young consumers believe much in advertising promotion and use internet as the primary sources of information. 4. Buying motives of young consumer is dominated for leisure activity. 5. Since 90-s, woman’s consumer dominated the athletic shoe market because of the changing lifestyle. Political and Legal Factors 1. World is entering global trade climate with NAFTA and GATT. 2. There exist an anti-dumping regulation existed in EU. 3. Different taxes policy between countries. Porter’s Five Forces Bargaining Power of Suppliers Suppliers in the sportswear industry are those who fulfill the company’s resources need.

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