Nike Inc.: Study of Value Chain Functions and How They Contribute to the Success of Nike.

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Nike Inc.: Study of value chain functions and how they contribute to the success of Nike. Prepared by Helgi Frimannsson MBA 640A Dr. Norcio 2/19/2007 When Bill Bowerman, a former track-and-field coach at University of Oregon and co-founder of Nike Inc, once said "if you have a body, you are an athlete", his words marked the foundation for a future business venture. Built on this quote is Nike´s mission statement that states: bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. In reality it means supporting all athletic activities regardless of anything else. This simple and ambitious yet humble objective has led Nike to the top of multi-billion dollar business category that is selling athletic footwear and…show more content…
(Nike sports research lab, 2007) Results of product testing and development are some of Nike 's trademarked technical innovations featured in high performance products. Nike made famous the "Air Sole" a high level cushioning system found in many of Nike 's earlier and current athletic shoes. The "Shox" technology a more recent footwear cushioning system that provides ultimate stability and comfort level. (Product technology – footwear, 2006) Nike has also developed dozens of trademarked technologies in apparel, most notably the dri-fit fabric which wicks moisture away from the body and allows the fabric to remain dry and lightweight. (Product technology – apparel, 2006) Nike+ is a new product twist from Nike that proves its innovative thinking that benefits athletes. The device and software product is a collaboration project with Apple Computers the makers of the popular mp3 player, the Ipod. Nike+ system allows joggers to synch their Ipod Nano with Nike+ running shoes through a special device placed inside the shoe-sole. It then provides accurate real-time information about distance and speed of their runs displayed while enjoying music on the Ipod Nano. Launched in 2006, Nike+ is an example of Nike´s will to inspire athletes through innovation. (Nikeplus, 2007) Design Like all sellers of consumer products, Nike´s success is grounded in acquiring and maintaining high level of customer acceptance of its

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