Nike Intergrated Marketing Communication Plan

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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
Nike Running Shoes
I. Background
Nike Incorporated, the leading innovator in athletic apparel and accessories, traces its roots to the University of Oregon track and field team of the early 1950’s. The team’s coach was determined to give his athletes a competitive advantage by always finding the newest and most efficient gear, and began designing and producing sneakers with very limited resources. After twenty-one years of creative turmoil and a superficial, lean order-by-order manufacturing system, the Nike brand was finally formally launched in 1971. Eugene Oregon remains the home of the Nike brand and the corporation’s headquarters.
Understanding that a distinctive, easily recognizable logo
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In terms of our Integrated Marketing Communication Plan, our firm plans to continue to promote and enhance the lifestyle benefits which the Nike brand provides its’ consumers.
Nike Incorporated comprises several affiliates and subsidiaries that further influence the purchasing decisions consumers make. Consumers loyal to Nike Running are likely to develop brand loyalty to Nike Golf, Nike Basketball, and even Jordan, the premium athletic line named for and endorsed by Michael Jordan. This broad array of products spanning the industry promotes a lifestyle purchasing culture, inviting loyal consumers to remain within the Nike family when purchasing their athletic apparel and accessories, and providing the company with a distinct advantage over its smaller competitors.
III. Three C’s Analysis
In researching the consumers, competitors, and communications of Nike, Inc., it is apparent that the company has allocated extensive resources to support and continuously improve the culture affiliated with the Nike brand. Nike consumers range from pure athletes to young, trendy adults who purchase Nikes for their vibrant colors and comfort. Nike’s core consumers range from as young as seventeen to as old as thirty-two. This age bracket is rather large for a target market with varying incomes, social obligations, purchasing influences, etc. But as Nike has so effortlessly accomplished, Nike Running attracts all

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