Nike Is A Public Relations Catastrophe

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Arguably the leading sports brand in today’s market, Nike has a built an athletic empire with the help of world famous spokespersons like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Serena Williams. Their innovative technology and unique designs have inspired generations of athletes, to go beyond their limits and put their bodies to the test. For this reason, a basketball player and resistance trainer like myself invested in a pair of Nike Kobe 8 Elites, to provide me with the proper traction and support during my strenuous physical activity. For this research paper, we are tasked with answering the question, “What is the reality behind a certain product of yours?” Well, put simply, the reality behind Nike is a public relations catastrophe. It is…show more content…
The manufacturing workforce is made up of young women, who are exploited for their labor, and this is even confirmed by Nike itself. One of Nike’s internal reports concluded that close to two-thirds of the 168 factories in Asia making Converse products failed to meet Nike’s guidelines for manufacturing (Kazi). The hypocrisy here is incredibly important to point out, that not only do Nike’s products “bring inspiration and innovation” to a select few, and not the people who make them, but the factories in which they are made do not meet the standards put in place by the company. Further discussing Nike’s mission statement, which states, “If you have a body, you are an athlete,” the very people that endure such hardship of making Nike products cannot to even protect their bodies from toxic chemicals and respiratory problems. What options do workers have? Well, according an interview conducted by the Associated Press, one woman employed by Pou Chen Group factory in Sukabumi said, “We’re powerless…our only choice is to stay and suffer, or speak out and be fired.” Another woman—Mira Agustina—stated she was fired from the Pou Chen factory after providing a doctor’s note and taking a sick leave (Huffington Post). More likely than not, the supervisor positions are occupied by men who verbally abuse and sexually harass women for wasting time or ask for higher wages. Indonesia—a democratic nation with a typical framework of a
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